Hi, I am

Antoine Mazenot

User Experience designer and coder.


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Design Methodology

I regard the design as a dynamic process using a user-centred methodology to understand users behaviors and to meet user needs. This process is structured and iterative so design decisions are always bringing value to the product. I use to be involved in the entire design process when designing products (user research, user experience, user testing, user interface, prototyping, programming) and developped strong knowledges in all of these areas which makes me autonomous as a designer.

Worldskills experience

As a French champion in Webdesign I had the opportunity to represent my country for 2 years and compete at the Worldskills international contest against 40 other countries.
A short summary video of the Worldskills contest

WorldSkills is the biggest international skills excellence competition challenging young professionals around the world to become the best in the skill of their choice.

Frontage of the competition center at Sao Paulo
Opening ceremony at Sao Paulo

I have been successively rewarded with gold medal at regional selection, gold medal at national selection and best of nation award at the international contest. The Best of Nation award honors the most deserving competitor who demonstrated exeptional motivation and improvements during the training, behaved as a strong unifying leader, kept a good spirit during the competition. I have also been ranked first in CSS at the international contest.

Shooting photo with the competitors having received the best of nation award from their respective country

In France, it is a 2 years selection process including physical and mental preparation, technical trainings, speed tests within a continuous evaluation

Warm up during the physical preparation of French team.
Training during the physical preparation of French team.

Competition conditions are unusual. I had to work during 4 days surrounded by 300 000 visitors and 50 other skills competitions, some of which were very noisy like "Welding", "Carpentry" or "Tilery".

The flow of visitors at Worldskills international
Working during the competition

Representing France also means being an ambassador of your competition skill during 2 years so your training includes oral expression, media management, public attitude and being able to popularize what you are saying when talking with non experts about your job.

Highlighted at the Medef summer university before 5 000 representatives of the largest French companies
Received by our French president François Hollande at the Elysee with Myriam El Khomri (Minister of Labour) and Patrick Kanner (Minister of Youth and Sports).

But because what matters the most is sharing, the all thing is about inspiring young people to find and love their futur jobs. I personnaly think that this is very important to share what you have learnt. So I got involve during and after the competition in many events with the objective of helping young people to find their way.

Meeting with young Brazilians in Sao Paulo with the French team.
Meeting with Brazilian teenagers in Sao Paulo with the French team.